Applying SEO step by step

Using a start up photography portfolio: to apply the foundations of search engine optimization. This is a step-by-step guide in making sure that your company or personal’s website shows up on search engines. This is to ensure that you can be found.

Tactics for a strong online presence

Tactics on Creating a Strong Social Media Presence

Objective: To create an online space and presence that will expose insert company name on search engines for opportunities to be found by potential clients. Creating a functional website that will produce brand recognition and grow an online community presence using other social platforms (ie, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter). Creating an effective website Having an SEO…

Pay Per Click |DIY Marketing Blog by Sarah Angela Nacario

PAY PER CLICK – So now you know!

          Search Engine Optimization (SEO)’s goal is to rank higher in search engines for free.In contrast, Pay Per Click (PPC) is paying for a text ad on a specific search results page. It becomes a bidding war where advertisers offer the best bid for a keyword or phrase. They compete for…

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Channeling your Social Media

WHAT IS A SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNEL? Social media channels are virtual communities or networks that serve as a platform / space for online interaction to create and share ideas. Social media channels allow measurements for searching, tracking, analyzing products or contents or discussions about your brand. Different social media focus on different niche and/or functions.…