Tactics on Creating a Strong Social Media Presence

Objective: To create an online space and presence that will expose insert company name on search engines for opportunities to be found by potential clients. Creating a functional website that will produce brand recognition and grow an online community presence using other social platforms (ie, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter).

Creating an effective website

Having an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy includes the actions to ensure that Health for Life’s website can be found by search engines (such as Google) when potential clients are searching for keywords relevant to the content of insert company name. SEO is about enhancing content (on the website or other social media channels) in order to appear higher in Google rankings.


Tactics for a strong online presence

Tactics for a strong online presence | DIYMarketingBlog by Sarah Angela Nacario


  1. Complete Profile: Filling out the company’s profile as completely as possible. Including a message box on the website will increase convenience in inquiring about Health for Life or making an appointment. Includes all contact information, location, credentials, and keywords that potential clients will use when searching for a chiropractor.


  1. Visual: Put a high quality photo of the building and its interior. Equally important is a recent photo on the website and other channels. A photograph captures the attention of clients as they evaluate the efficacy of your Health for Life’s environment. Placing a photograph is vital so clients can relate even prior to a meeting.


  1. Link all your social channels: Maximize your influence and brand by adding links to Health for Life’s LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.


  1. Resources & Client Testimonials: Adding other professional resources in the Health for Life website will display Health for Life’s credentials, influence, and authenticity.


  • LinkedIn provides endorsements and written recommendations from clients and other professionals that worked for/with the company. The testimonials can be copied and pasted to the website to increase brand legibility.


  1. Post a sign that you’re online: Include your website and social media channels (Twitter / Facebook) to the outdoor signage of the company’s physical location. Allowing potential customers from the area to easily find the brand online.


  1. Hire a social media intern: a low cost solution to maintaining your social channels that will involve weekly updates. Most interns are required to do internships as part of their college credit and are already tech-savvy that will help out in promoting your brand. It is important to have a one-on-one meeting to give the intern the guidance on what the company conveys to market the brand properly.

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