Applying SEO step by step

Using a start up photography portfolio: to apply the foundations of search engine optimization. This is a step-by-step guide in making sure that your company or personal’s website shows up on search engines. This is to ensure that you can be found.

Tactics for a strong online presence

Tactics on Creating a Strong Social Media Presence

Objective: To create an online space and presence that will expose insert company name on search engines for opportunities to be found by potential clients. Creating a functional website that will produce brand recognition and grow an online community presence using other social platforms (ie, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter). Creating an effective website Having an SEO…

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Plan Your Attack

DIGITAL MARKETING If you were to explain what it is to your grandparents, how would you describe it? “promoting your products and services online to gain wider audience that will eventually be your potential customers!” Digital marketing has the foundations of the traditional marketing but involves medium and methods that effectively analyze market plans, actions,…